About me

Hi! I’m Anders.

I still shoot film, or to be exactly right: I returned to analog photography and shooting film in 2016, twenty years after first learning about it. Analog photography and working in the darkroom is for me about handicrafts. Its about capturing the moment without confirming what you just did on a bright screen, its about a feeling and a passion for the artistic work with a reward out of the ordinary when the magic occurs in chemical bath.

I learned about the importance of documenting stuff from my parents. In my teens (the mid nineties) I discovered «the smell of fix» and learned about «the golden cut» for the first time. Since then I have been experimenting with digital, infrared, pinhole and stereoscopic photography and have had a few exhibitions along the way.

Photography for me is more than just a hobby. Its my visual form of art, my way into the void. All though I shoot analog for my artistic work, I still love my digital Nikons (D70, D300, D5300) and DJI Phantom for the every day usage (most clients wont wait for the dark room progress these days anyway). – My analogue equipment are a Pentax ME (35), Hasselblad 501CM (120), Canon 814 (Super-8 cam) and a self made shoe box pinhole camera.

I hope you like the content of my gallery web site! Thanks for visiting!

Yours sincerely,